Friday, Feb.23  Day 3


African Heritage Month Celebration

Grade 8 & 9 students from Truro Jr. will be attending a viewing of Black Panther Feb. 23rd as part of our celebration of African Heritage month. This film is being heralded "as having considerable cultural significance for black communities around the world" (the Guardian, 2018) Truro Jr. prides itself on being both culturally relevant and responsive; therefore, we feel that our grade 8 & 9 students should all have the opportunity to benefit from this experience.

The film is rated PG and is playing at the Millbrook Power Center Cineplex. We will be taking the students by bus, leaving the school at 9:20am and returning at 1:20pm (at which time the students will have lunch).

Truro Jr. will be covering the cost of admission, however; if your child would like to buy treats they will need spending money.

If you do not want your child to take part, please sign and return the form sent home with your child.



Final payment for Quebec trip is April 3rd



Students are reminded to dress for the colder weather. MAC and Band participants are required to wait outside until their supervisor arrives for their activity to begin. Make sure you are dressed appropriately for the colder mornings we have been experiencing.

Buses are also occasionally delayed afterschool which can mean extra wait time outside. Hats, gloves and jackets make this wait much more comfortable!


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Canteen service now available for after school snacks on Mondays at PBL (3:30-5:00pm). Check it out down by the gym!




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